DEMOnstration displays


Segmented reflective demonstration displays. Display size is 70mm x 80mm.

Click on images to download videos.

Transmissive light valve (1 single pixel display)

Black/Transparent single pixel display. Display size is 1 x 1 and switching is between 1% transmissivity and 50% transmissivity. . Click on image to download video.

TFT Demo

Simple patterns switching on a 2.6 TFT display. Click on images to download videos.

Microscopic Views

Here are a few videos showing the microscopic behavior of the ink. Click on images to download videos.

This shows the dielectrophoretic method of addressing. Colored droplets are either compressed (clear pixel) or dispersed (featureless on the video, blue pixel). For scale, the cylindrical spacer in the upper right portion of the frame is 10 microns in diameter.

Dielectrophoretic addressing in a TFT. Note that the ink is almost entirely ejected from the active areas, creating highly transmissive pixels in the clear state. Pixel size here is approximately 30 x 100 microns.

A side view of the ink moving electrophoretically through a white reflective network.

Prototype full-resolution images on a 2.6 TFT display. Click on images to view larger images.